Synchronize Utility (Updated 11/27/2006)

This is a little utility that I wrote for synchronizing two directories. At work our MS SQL Server backs-up the transaction logs every 15 minutes. What I needed was a way to then sync the directory where the logs a stored to a second server for safety. All the utilities that I found online where more than I needed, so I wrote something quickly to solve my problem. It can be called from the command prompt so it is easy to schedule. You pass it the source and target directories and it does the rest. It copies any new files from the sorce directory to the target directory. If the file is in the target directory, but not in the source directory, it is deleted from the target directory.

The utility is called like:
sync.exe c:sql backups,\computer1c$temp

You can download this here. (Removed from server)

Update: I have been using this on our server at work for two weeks, and it is working great. I have been able to tweak my backup plans and save some time at night.
Update (11/27/2006): I found that this was changing some settings in the file which MS SQL did not like when trying to restore. I have written a new utility called DirSync in mono that gets around these problems.