VMware Server Setup

After another night of getting called do to server failure, I have decided make some changes to the servers at work. Currently we have two Windows 2000 servers that are running most of the company. The basic problem is that one program, Track-It!, started to generate error and took down the server it was running on. It is installed on the Primary Domain controller, yes I know that is a bad idea, which in turn took the Backup Domain controller down. So when you only have two servers, that is the whole show. This is the problem with only having two servers, they both wear too many hats.

The end result of all of this is that we were going to upgrade to Windows 2003 EE R2 during the July shutdown. This version allows you to run up to four virtual servers on one server. So now we are testing using VMware Server on ubuntu, with all the Windows servers running as virtual machines on top. If this works out good, we will look at maybe moving to VMware ESX next year, because it just is not in the budget for this year. I still have to workout how the backups are going to run. Right now I am looking at the Amanda Enterprise Edition backup software. This will also have to be tested before we put everything in place. I have been using ubuntu on my home server, which does get almost as much use as some of the servers at work, without ever having a crash.

Dell Poweredge 4400
Dual Processer 2.2 GHz
5 GB of memory

Server 1 will be running 4 Windows 2003 EE servers.
Server 2 will be running 1 Windows 2003 EE server, 1 Netware 3.12 server and 2 Windows XP desktops.

Server Setup:
Install ubuntu server on the hardware.
Edit the source list for apt to enable all the software repositories.

Install the other needed packages:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-686 linux-headers-686 linux-image-686
sudo apt-get install build-essential gcc g++ make fakeroot xinetd libdb2
sudo apt-get samba openvpn x-window-system-core
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Download the vmware-server.tar.gz and copy to the /tmp directory
Extract it tar -zxf vmware-server.tar.gz
Move to the vmware-server-distrib directory and run ./vmware-install.pl

This is all for getting the base server going.

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