ECLUG Meeting for July

The July Lug meeting was last night. The main topic of discussion for tonight had to do with printers and trouble shooting them. There were a couple of problems that members were having so this was a good time to talk about ways of correcting some of the more common printing problems.

The second part of the meeting was about server configuration, and if you need, or should, install a GUI on a server. I have to say I am on the side that can not see why you would, or should install a GUI on a server. The problem with that is you might as well try to get everyone to say ether Gnome or KDE is the better GUI. Reality is that they both have there own strong points and weak points.

We did start to talk about holding elections, but that was tabled pretty quick. There was a general discussion about updating the bylaws before holding elections.

For anyone interested the ECLUG, Eastern Connecticut Linux User Group, meets the first Wednesday of each month in Norwich, CT at NFA.