Feisty Fawn Update …

Well as I continue to use Feisty I am running into the standard problems with using beta software. The day after my last post there was an update to killed Beryl. It took about four days before there was an update that fixed the problem with Beryl, so all is good again in the 3D desktop world. There where 119 updates today, and one of them is a rather exciting update. I did not have Compiz installed before the update, but it was installed with the update along with the desktop-effects package that is included with SLED 10. It look like Compiz may be installed with Feisty after all in the finally release. Mark Shuttleworth posted in a recent blog posting that nether Compiz or Beryl where ready to be included in the final release. I don’t know what this means to the debate about including proprietary video drivers by default in the next release, but if it make things work better and easier to setup, than I am all for it.

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