Update to my linux on the desktop plan …

Well Ubuntu 7.04 ran great for me right up until the day before it was released. There was an update to NetworkManager the day before the final release and it hammered my networking. After installing the update I lost both my wired and wireless networking. A couple of days after the final release I downloaded the final release ISO and installed it. Still no networking on my notebook. That was the end of Linux on my notebook. Without networking computers are not very useful. It looks like I will be running Windows on my notebook for awhile. I have not decided when I will download a new distro and give Linux another try.

At work I have been trying to replace some Windows boxes with Linux without much luck. We have too many custom applications that I have not been able to get running under Linux. Something that I have been able to replace with good success has been servers. I contacted RedHat about getting an evaluation copy of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to test for replacing some file and print servers. I was stunned after filling out their online form and getting an email telling me that someone would contact me within the next five business days about the evaluation. That was it, no link to download an ISO or anything. It ended up being three weeks before someone contacted me to see if I was still interested in evaluating Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. By that point I had decided to go with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. I do not know how Red Hat plans to grow things if it takes that long to get evaluation copies of their software.

One of the bad things as far as Linux is concerned is that is nice for everything on my notebook to just work. There are some things that I have never been able to get working under Ubuntu or SuSE. I guess that covers most of what has going on in this area.

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