Virus, Virus everywhere , but nothing seems to stop them …

It seems as if there is a zero day exploit floating around out in the wild that is still unknown.  In the last 6 years we have had less than 5 computers get infected at work.  In the last three weeks we have had a steady stream of calls about computers acting weird.  Almost all of them have had trojans installed and two of them have been rooted.  All of the computers affected have been fully up to date with both patches and AV definitions.  At work we are using avast! for our antivirus software, and had not had a problem until the last few weeks.  Like most IT shops we will look at personnel computers when thing are not too busy.  We’ve had lots of home computers coming in infected also.  Most of them have also been fully up to date.  Only one of them was really asking for a problem.  Some of the antivirus software packages that have been on these computers are AVG, McAfee and Trend Micro.

I’m not really sure wall all this means, but it is getting old.

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