2012 Cycling Recap …

2012 BEvaER Cross
2012 BEvaER Cross

2012 was a good year on the bike.  I hit most of my goals for the year.  The goals that I accomplished were finishing
the in top 50% in the Cat 4’s, upgrading to Cat 3 in Cyclocross and finish a
Cat 3 race on the lead lap.  I also
wanted to do and finish a 12 hour solo MTB race.

The two big goals that I missed were picking up an upgrade
point as a Cat 4 in Cyclocross and finishing the Hampshire 100 in under 6:30.  I was on pace to easily finish the Hampshire
100 in under 6 hours until I folded the front wheel.

I ended up putting just over 5100 miles on the bike for the
years, and a lot of those miles were with some really good friends.  Here is looking for many more miles in the
years to come.

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