2009 April Vacation

Although this is not in any way computer related, April was a great month.  I went to Harley-Davidson Primary Officer Training, POT, in April.  The event was held in Atlantic City this year.  Harley really knows how to put on a good event.  If you are a member of HOG and ever get the chance to attend POT jump on the chance.  The people you meet and the thing that you learn are well worth it.  It is kind of nice to know that any problems you are having in your local chapter is most likely being worked on in other chapters.

Once that was over I rode south to my father house and spent a day there before going to visit my grandmother for a day.  I hooked out with my father again the next day and we rode over to Maggie Valley.  We then just had a good time tooling around the area and seeing the sights.  Even the ride home was fun.  I road to Blue Ridge Parkway for the first day, and only really wet day of the trip.  On the second day I started with the Skyline Parkway, scooted over to the Delaware Water Gap and then ride through the Poconos.   All in all. it was 12 days and 3500 miles of fun and sun.

Pictures have been posted here.

Bad Day, No Really …

Split PantsAs if my day had not seemed like it was both long and bad enough, when I left work I felt a draft on my backside. I thought that my shirt might have come untucked and I was just getting a breeze. That would have been much too nice, instead I found that I had split my pants at some time during the day. I would have liked to know that it had happen, so I could have changed. Even worst was the fact that I had four stops to make on the way home.

Oh well, guess that’s life …


Well the big blizzard that has been hitting the Northeast was not too bad, as least for us. We got about 10 inches of snow with drifts of about two feet. I had fun with the snow blower, which I was starting to think was not going to get used again this winter. I think it had only been used once since my wife bought it for me. The kids had fun playing in the snow and making snow angles.

Lea’s Surgery

Well, the little woman had surgery yesterday. Everything went good and she should be home in a couple of days. The kids are looking forward to her getting home. I have some pictures that I will try and get posted in the next few days. The pictures are classic Lea, laying in bed watching a movie on my notebook.

Lea at Hospital

Updated 5th February 2006
Well everyone is home and doing good. Lea has a follow-up apointment later this week to make sure everything is still going good.