DirSync Utility

This is a little utility that I wrote for backing up a source directory into a target directory. It copies all the files from the source directory to the target directory. If the target file exist, then the two files are compared and if the source file is newer then it is copied to the target directory. It does not copy files from the target directory to the source directory. This could be added if it is needed, but at this point I do not require that function. There are three switches for the executable, they are -s for source directory, -t for target directory and -r for retention days. After comparing the source and target directories, the program will scan the target directory and delete any file that has not been modified for more than the retention days. The best way to describe a use for this would be in the case of a SQL server. We create one full backup each morning and then backup the transaction logs every 15 minutes during the day. The full backup of our ERP is 6 gigs. The server that is hosting the SQL server only has 130 gigs of storage so we can not keep more than two days for backup files on the server before we start to have storage problems. We do have a file server with 800 gigs of storage so I am using this program to copy the backup files from the SQL server to the file server and only keep two days on the SQL server. I can then set the retention days to seven and it will keep seven days worth of backups on the file server.

The utility is called like:
sync.exe -sc:sql backups -t\computer1c$temp -r14

The source can be downloaded here and the executable can be downloaded here.

New Project … (PodPicker)

This is a PodCast aggregator that will auto-sync with an iPod. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing designed for Linux that works as smooth as iTunes. Which is the only application that is making me dual boot. Ad yes I know there are ways of doing this, but all the solutions that I have seen require several applications and way too much manual intervention.

See the project page for PodPicker

Open Source Project

I have been looking into what is involved in starting an Open Source Project. I have some ideas for a project that I would like to start and thought it would be fun to start a project and see if there would be any community support for it. I switched to Linux about two years ago, and still have not found a good replacement for iTunes. I can live without the music store part, but I really like to way it works for pod caching and updating the iPod. I know there are several projects out there that can be used together to accomplish what I want, but I want it all in one application. I have also been looking for a project to do in Java, and thought this would be the time to put it all together. After finishing my research into what I need to get the project started, I’ll post the steps and kick this off.

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